Veterinary Research Coordinator

Summary of Responsibilities

  • The Veterinary Research Coordinator will facilitate clinical research, assist with diagnostic assay development, interface cross-functionally within MVD, and interact directly with veterinary customers.
  • This is expected to be a varied, challenging, and stimulating position. There will be ample opportunity to learn and gain new skills on the job.
  • 1 day / week remote work is possible

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Clinical Research
    • Technical Support and Management
    • Communication with collaborators – verbal and written
    • Interface with other MVD divisions – verbal and written
    • Assist with study design and regulatory (IACUC) submissions
    • Data entry and manipulation – MS suite including Excel
    • Assist with Sample management w/ guidance of MVD Biobank supervisor
  • Diagnostic Assay Development
    • Lab based work w/ guidance of R&D scientist(s) as needed for diagnostic assay development.
    • Collaboration with R&D scientists to solve problems.
    • Technical documentation of activities according to MVD SOPs.
    • Sample management – MVD Biobank – see above
  • Veterinary Customer Support
    • Assist with clinical consultations – verbal or written
    • Interface with MVD Lab Support and Clinical Services
    • Assist with creation of Educational Materials for veterinarians and pet-owners
  • Administrative Support
    • Interface with MVD divisions to organize/schedule meetings
    • Administrative duties pertinent to VM Division including inventory, billing, shipping, travel, CE approval, etc.
  • Other duties as assigned to support the Veterinary Medicine Division



  • Veterinary Technology degree – Associate’s or Bachelor’s


  • Clinical Research Coordinator certificate


  • Bachelor’s degree (any) or higher

Skills, Specialized Knowledge and Abilities


  • Willingness to learn new skills and knowledge
  • Effective communication written and verbal
  • Ability to build cross-functional collaborations
  • Comfort with MS Suite Software most notably Excel for data entry and manipulation


  • Bench or clinical research experience
  • Healthcare (veterinary or otherwise) industry experience
  • Understanding and appropriate use of medical terminology



MiraVista Diagnostics is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

By signing this form I confirm my qualifications to perform the duties associated with this position.  I also accept and acknowledge all responsibilities that have been defined and are required by this job description.

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