IVD Devices: Histoplasma Urine Antigen LFA

MiraVista Diagnostics’ dedication to innovation and improved accessibility to high quality fungal diagnostics has created a CE marked Histoplasma Urine Antigen LFA.

MiraVista Diagnostics is leading the industry with a new Histoplasma Urine Antigen LFA. The rapid, non-invasive test has a proven clinical sensitivity of 93.18% and 96.97% specificity relative to culture proven cases, can be operated in low complexity clinical settings and requires no additional equipment.

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Key Benefits and Features

40-minute turnaround time
CE-marked product
Accurate, visually detectable results
Non-invasive specimen collection
25 test per kit

Rapid diagnosis can help treatment begin more quickly, reduce duration of anti-fungal therapy and help the patient recover faster.

The Process
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